Fields of Athenry Farm Bone Broth


bowl of clear soup broth

Photo by Rainer Zenz, ©2008 / CC BY-SA 3.0

By Fields of Athenry Farm Staff

Fields of Athenry – from the ballad describing the beautiful and majestic farms near Gallway Bay, Ireland – is a family-run business in Northern Virginia. We didn’t start with a “mission,” but we have one today!

Some years ago, one of our five daughters developed serious health issues that put our family and the farm on a journey about the relationship between the foods we eat and chronic diseases. We learned that health problems such as allergies, obesity, depression, cancer, Autism, and more can be directly related to the foods we eat. Our healing process put us, not on the traditional path of going vegetarian, but of focusing on “whole foods” grown the way God intended. We eliminated all the “extras” in our diet and added all the good – hormone and antibiotic free meats, raw milk, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables, and most importantly nutrient dense bone broths.

As our health improved and our farm business grew. We went from a source of healthy foods for family and friends, to a thriving Farm Store and Home Delivery business – and most importantly a resource for people looking for both knowledge and ways to feed themselves in a healthy, holistic way.

From our breeding and birthing methods, to our care and feeding rituals, as well as careful processing schedule, the meats you put on your family’s table from Fields of Athenry are truly fresh, pasture-raised and hormone and antibiotic-free. Cut fresh weekly, our meats from our fields, to our processors, to you and are beyond compare, delicious.

We hope you will make our farm your source for healthy, nutritious meats, cheese and prepared foods for you and your family. We also offer a wide variety of wild-caught fish, local honey, wine, spices and more!

About Fields of Athenry Farm Bone Broths

After discovering I had a child with Cushing’s Disease, I was encouraged by Drs. Pete and Lolin Hilgartner to develop a bone broth that I could get my daughter to drink. This soon became a mission and a passion. As her disease was destroying her organs and their functioning, I needed to get her the nutrition that would help boost her organ function. With this in mind, I used organ meat and bones in my broths as well as my special blend of herbs. This created a very nutritious and health giving broth that boosts the mind, body and soul!

“I tell people that your broth is the most dense, best tasting broth I’ve had! Also, your Bernadette’s Broth is incredibly dense and full of nutrition with all the organ meat that is used.” – Dr. Pete Hilgartner

How to Purchase Fields of Athenry Farm Broths

We make two different types of bone broth. One is our “Bernadette’s Broth.” This is the most health giving and full of nutrients. We use a combination of beef and lamb organs and bones as well as a variety of spices and herbs.

Our second broth is our “Liquid Gold.” This is a chicken broth that is made with chicken bones and organs as well as a variety of spices and herbs.

They both are cooked for an average of 36 hours. They can be purchased in our farm store, online for a home delivery to the local Loudoun County, VA area, or they can be shipped.

The shipping of our broth is a new expansion of our business and we do not give shipping estimates. It is best to order in a larger quantity – for example, if you order 4 broths, the shipping might cost you $40. However, if you order 8 broths, the shipping might only cost you $50. The broths will be shipped to you frozen. They will last in the freezer for about 6-8 months and fresh in the refrigerator for about two weeks. Because they are perishable goods, the shipping will have to be either overnight or two-day.

Visit the Fields of Athenry Farm web site for more information.