Eye Health


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Our eyes are the gateway to a complex vision system that processes millions of bits of information every second. With seventy percent of the body's sense receptors located in the eyes, it's important to keep them healthy!

The Connection Between Glaucoma, Alzheimer's, and Diabetes

New research suggests it isn’t just Alzheimer’s that’s linked to diabetes and glaucoma. Less severe forms of dementia also could be a complication of diabetes. The eyes are so directly connected to the brain that many in the medical community believe they are an extension of the brain. The impact of diabetes on your eyes is now gaining even more attention. One group of researchers in India hypothesized that the eye disease glaucoma is actually diabetes of the brain.

A New Fighting Chance: Silver Solution

Dr. Gordon Pedersen has put together a chronicle on the cutting edge ability of structured silver solution's ability to safely destroy bacteria, viruses and yeast. Learn the application of silver for many chronic and acute illnesses.

Stop Vision Loss Now!

The ability to see is something we usually take for granted until we start having problems. Loss of vision due to cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration becomes more common as we age, but eye problems can develop throughout the life cycle. Dr. Fife suggests that the increase in ketone levels, that occurs in response to consuming coconut oil, can protect eye health and improve or potentially reverse degenerative eye disorders.

Stop Degenerative Eye Disease with Coconut Oil

Can you avoid age-related degenerative eye disease? New research reveals that good eyesight can be maintained for life and age-related eye disorders can be stopped dead cold and possibly even reversed. The key to maintaining good vision depends on your diet. Coconut oil and a low-carb diet can make a big difference.

Keeping a Close Eye on Your Vision

Over the last decade, vision loss and blindness have rapidly become two of the most common problems among those over age 40. Dr. David Williams discusses eye diseases and ways to keep your eyes healthy.