Earthing: The most important health discovery ever?

Authors Clinton Ober, Stephen Sinatra, MD, Martin Zucker explore the benefits of earth's energy

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Earthing: The most important health discovery ever? by Clinton Ober, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, and Martin Zucker

It is now well established that the energy on the surface of the Earth is mainly electrical. The central theme of this book is that we draw this electrical energy into our body in the form of free electrons through our bare feet. These electrons resonate at a variety of frequencies and the frequencies reset our biology, providing the body with electrical energy and behaving as anti-oxidants.

FAIM has been researching the theory of the role electrons play in our health ever since we read James Oschman's book Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis. In his book, Oschman presents the explanation of how electrons function in our body. He has written the forward to Earthing and we feel that as an introduction to the book it is a worthy read first. As you read the book you will find endless evidence of the benefits of Earthing and how you can incorporate it into your life. We encourage you to visit the Earthing Institute official web site to learn more. It also provides information for obtaining Earthing devices and tips on staying Earthed in any situation. You can also view Dr. Sinatra's introduction to Earthing.

We applaud the innovation of Ober, Sinatra and Zucker in the presentation of such an important new frontier in science and medicine. Details on how to obtain the book follow this article.

Forward (Earthing)

by James L Oschman, Ph.D.

This book unfolds an amazing story of discovery, a process that you the reader, will soon experience for yourself as you read through the pages ahead.

It is a rare and humbling experience for a scientist to have the opportunity to explore new ground-and this story is all about ground-and participate in research that quickly infuses better health and more happiness into people's lives. It has been an exciting and challenging process for me. I was forced to ask questions that had never been asked before. The answers have ranged from fascinating to astounding, and they have shed light on some of the most important unsolved problems in physiology and medicine.

Among the many surprising revelations this book holds is an obvious, fundamental, and yet overlooked answer to the question of inflammation-recognized as the central health issue of our time-that surely will lay the foundation for many academic investigations and doctoral projects well into the future. I say that without equivocation, as an experienced academic cell biologist and biophysicist who has published dozens of articles in some of the world's leading scientific journals. The research in this book puts forward, and from a completely unexpected direction, a powerful reason for the proliferation of inflammation and , most importantly, what we can do about it.

As you read this book, you will quickly learn some profound and life impacting facts you never knew before about our relationship with the planet we live on. You'll learn, for instance, how electrons play a central role in this relationship. The role of electrons in biology and health has long been my favorite subject. Of special importance in my explorations of the electronic aspects of life was an association during the 1980's with the leading research group studying this subject, consisting of Nobel Laureate Albert Szent-Gyorgyi and colleagues from around the world at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. A number of these great inquiring minds were electronic engineers and materials scientists recruited to study a field he created and named electronic biology. Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi was considered one of the leading scientists of the twentieth century, and his research and writings have been a continuing source of inspiration and insight. I have published a series of articles and two books on the ways electrons can move about within the human body and the ways various therapeutic methods influence electron motions. The research summarized in this book adds a whole new dimension to our understandings of electronic biology. This book traces the discoveries of Clinton Ober, a pioneer in the cable TV industry, who uncovered the health benefits of Earthing-his term for connecting ourselves to the surface of our planet by sitting, standing, or walking barefoot on the Earth or by sleeping on special conductive sheets and pads connected to a simple metal rod stuck in the ground outside a bedroom window. Clint invented these sleep systems and a number of other devices that help us to restore a vital but previously overlooked connection with Mother Earth.

Many people describe a sense of well-being when they walk barefoot on the Earth. The stories and the research in the book reveal the background, dynamics, and implications of this feel-good sensation, a real experience indicative of something profoundly important that most of us have been missing in our lives. This missing link is so profound in fact that it seems to do away with or dramatically improve so many health challenges common in this day and age: insomnia, the chronic pain of multiple diseases and injuries, exhaustion, stress, anxiety, and premature aging. I was quickly and enthusiastically drawn into this research when I saw how many people experienced a wide variety of health benefits from simply connecting their bodies to the Earth. Especially impressive has been the experience my physician friend and colleague, Jeff Spencer, D.C., has had during the spectacular series of victories of the American cycling teams in the Tour de France. You'll read about Jeff's remarkable story later in the book. These observations were augmented with my personal observations of many friends who benefited from the application of Earthing systems in their lives. When my massage therapist began using Earthing with her clients she achieved so many successes that physicians in the area began sending her their most difficult cases to treat. My own challenge was to determine precisely how Earthing produces such benefits and to find a way of explaining this accurately in the language of science.

Our research on Earthing has uncovered what is perhaps the most simple and natural remedy against proliferating, painful, and often deadly conditions, including the disease of aging, created by various kinds of inflammation. As you will read further on, our hypothesis for how this remedy works is unlike any you have ever heard. In all its ramifications, we think it represents a new healing paradigm.

In short, Earthing restores and maintains the human body's most natural electrical state, which in turn promotes optimal health and functionality in daily life. The primordial natural energy emanating from the Earth is the ultimate anti-inflammatory and the ultimate anti-aging medicine.

For more than a decade, Clint Ober has tirelessly pursued a one-man mission to awaken a skeptical world to a simple and forgotten fact: that the Earth beneath our feet contains great healing energy and that connecting ourselves to this energy is immediately beneficial as well as intuitively and remarkably simple.

As with any new discovery, Clint had to endure skepticism and derision from “experts”, some of whom regarded him as crazy. But he persisted and has now gathered significant scientific evidence for his out-of-the-box idea. Moreover, thousands of people who have applied the concept of Earthing in their lives feel, look and sleep better, and they have less pain.

As we explored absolutely new avenues of research in order to validate the concept of Earthing and determine how it affects the human body, Clint turned out to be a rock solid and dedicated guide to those of us with Ph.D.s after our names. Clint often refers to his lack of education as a scientist, but what he has accomplished shows that determined and inspired individuals can accomplish an enormous amount by teaching themselves what they need to know. I have been continually astonished by Clint's precise and accurate insights that go beyond the conclusions a logical scientific mind would usually develop. I feel that I have been privileged to work with a genuine discoverer and pioneer whose interest in helping others exceeds any personal interest by far.

Steve Sinatra, a Connecticut cardiologist who specializes in integrative medicine and has an interest in electromedicine, met Clint in 2001 and saw great promise for Earthing in his own field of cardiology, as well as medicine in general. Steve encouraged Clint t stick with it and pursue research, particularly the connection with inflammation, which had been recently found to be the probable cause of heart disease.

Persist he did. Eventually, Clint found open-minded experts in the fields of medicine, physiology, and biophysics and inspired a series of research projects showing that the surface of the Earth is like one gigantic anti-inflammatory, sleep booster, and energizer-all wrapped up in one.

Now, Clint, Steve and veteran health writer Martin Zucker have teamed up to present the exciting story of Earthing and how it can help all of us Earthlings.

To break new ground means to do something different from anything done before. If ever the term groundbreaking applies to a book, it certainly does here, literally and figuratively. This book is about the ground beneath our feet, and the revelation of a vital electrical continuum between the Earth and the living organisms that dwell upon it.

Walk, stand, and sit barefoot on the ground for a half hour or so. If you have PMS or arthritic pain or a backache or indigestion or jet lag or are just feeling fatigued, go outside (weather permitting, of course) with your bare feet placed directly on the Earth.

At the end of that time you will feel better. And as you feel better, a light bulb will go off in your head. You will realize that although you live on the surface of the Earth your lifestyle has separated you from the limitless healing energy that, unknown to you, the surface beneath your feet hold. It's there, and always there, and yours for the taking.”

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