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Tom Cameron

Tom Cameron, DVM

Dr. Tom Cameron received his DVM from Michigan State University in 1982. He began practice in Waunakee, WI, concentrating on both dairy and small animal medicine. In 1994, he assumed ownership of the DeForest Veterinary Clinic, in DeForest, WI, an exclusively small animal practice, offering a combination of traditional and holistic treatment modalities.

Dr. Cameron’s primary interests include clinical nutrition, nutritional therapy, homeopathy, Bach Flower therapy and soft tissue surgery. Dr. Cameron sold his clinic in 2006, but still sees patients on a part-time basis.

Joining Standard Process Inc., of Palmyra, WI, in May, 2006, Dr. Cameron provides technical support role for their line of veterinary nutritional supplements. A long-time proponent of canine and feline nutrition, Dr. Cameron incorporates Standard Process Veterinary Formulas into his protocols and speaks nationally on the role of whole food nutrition in veterinary medicine.

Dr. Cameron lives in Waunakee, WI with his wife Patricia, and three sons, Peter, John and Ben.

To learn more, visit the Standard Process web site or contact Standard Process Vet Help/Tech Support at 888-982-8130.

Articles by Dr. Tom Cameron

Glandular Therapy

What is the value in consuming organs, specifically glandular tissues? Writings from as early as 1600 BC describe the consumption of liver to treat night blindness. Other organs have been fed to sick people and animals to support healing, regeneration, and return to function. This practice has become known as glandular therapy and can be very beneficial for your pet.

Cellular Metabolism

When enough cells are compromised, your pet will develop symptoms (lethargy, fever, nausea, diarrhea, etc.). The typical approach is to prescribe the appropriate pharmaceutical. However, drugs address symptoms, not cell function. Nutrition supplies the energy and building blocks for repair, regeneration, healing and return to function. Without proper nutritional support, healing can be delayed or incomplete. Thus, every case has a nutritional component to it.