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Sherri J. Tenpenny
Sherri J. Tenpenny, DO

Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny is an osteopathic medical doctor, board certified in three medical specialties.

From 1986 to 1998, she was a full time Emergency Medicine physician and the director of the Emergency Department in Findlay, Ohio. In 1996, she opened a center for Integrative medicine in Middleburg Heights, where patients from nearly all 50 states and 15 countries have gotten well using a combination of conventional and holistic therapies. Widely regarded as the most knowledgeable and outspoken physician on the negative impact vaccines can have on health, she is also a recognized expert on many topics within the field of Integrative Medicine.

In addition to being a guest on hundreds of radio and national television programs (including the Dr. Oz Show), Dr. Tenpenny has been interviewed for nation print media and has had her articles published in magazines in six languages. She has lectured at Cleveland State University and Case Western Reserve Medical School, and has been a speaker at conventions, both nationally and internationally, on topics related to alternative health and vaccines. She has been a contributor to The Huffington Post, The Women’s Journal and many others.

Dr. Tenpenny is the author of Fowl! Bird Flu: It's Not What You Think, connecting bird flu with issues of environmental pollution, and Saying No To Vaccines, a guide written to help adults and parents refute the most common reasons to vaccinate. She has contributed chapters to several books including Textbook of Food and Nutrients in Disease Management (Johns Hopkins Univ. Press).

In January, 2012, she accepted a position as a medical consultant for Parker Hannifin, a Fortune 250 company with 60,000 employees in 48 countries. She is helping to develop health-conscious and holistic programs for the company’s locations in the US and around the world.

To learn more, visit Dr. Tenpenny's web sites: Tenpenny Vaccine Info, The Vaccine Research Library, or the Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center.

Contact her at DrTenpenny@gmail.com or 440-239-1878 (Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm EST only).

Articles by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Vaccination: In a Class All Its Own

By six months of age babies are injected with 69 vaccine antigens and many milligrams of chemicals; by kindergarten, they will be injected with 113 antigens and more chemicals. Vaccination is the only medicine where a six-week-old baby and a 150-pound adult get the same dose. The amount of aluminum and mercury in these injections can have devastating effects.