Dr. Paul van Bemmelen


Paul van Bemmelen

Paul van Bemmelen, MD, PhD, FACS

Dr. Paul S. van Bemmelen is Professor of Surgery, vascular and endovascular surgeon at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. He obtained patents for the first arterial assist device in 1993 and has the longest clinical experience with the use of ArtAssist devices. In addition to the initial studies with ultrasound, he used laser-Doppler, angiographic and animal studies to increase the scientific knowledge about this method and its application in patients.

He can render a compassionate opinion based on experience and existing good-quality angiographic images if these are available and appropriate. For a meaningful assessment and honest discussion of the feasibility of saving a specific limb and overall prognosis, the patient has to present in person with information on co-existing medical problems, such as heart condition, renal failure, dialysis, medications, etc. Consultations: 215-707-5705.

Articles by Dr. Paul van Bemmelen

Walking therapy and pneumatic compression: the natural cures for poor leg circulation

Walking has been shown to have many unexpected health benefits, such as improving cognitive function of the brain, maintaining bone density, alleviate symptoms of depression and improving fitness. But what if you cannot walk due to various health issues? Dr. Paul van Bemmelen describes how simulation of walking, without the work of muscle-contraction or fall-risk, can be achieved with a non-invasive home treatment, which uses external squeezing of the leg muscles.