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Norman Shealy

Norman Shealy, MD, PhD

Dr. C. Norman Shealy is President of Holos Institutes of Health, Inc., a non-profit organization focused on research, education and education in holistic health. He was the founding President of Holos University Graduate Seminary in Bolivar, Missouri, where he is now Professor Emeritus of Energy Medicine, and was founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association in 1978. He has 13 patents in the field of Energy Medicine and has published 26 books and 300 articles.

His innovations include Dorsal Column Stimulation, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Biogenics, the software for self-regulation, and the RejuvaMatrix®, his most recent discovery, for rejuvenating telomeres, the tips of DNA responsible for health and longevity. His 14th patent is pending.

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Articles by Dr. Norman Shealy

Telomere Rejuvenation: Key To Health and Longevity

Telomeres ordinarily shrink by 1% annually, from birth to death. The telomeres of people with unhealthy habits have much faster shrinkage, while those of people with the best habits and genes shrink at a slower rate, thus enabling such people to live to approximately 100 years. Ultimately, telomere health is a major determinant of health and longevity. Rejuvenation or regrowth of telomeres is, therefore, a major key to longevity and health.

Telomeres, Health and Longevity

For several years Dr. C. Norman Shealy has been measuring leukocyte telomeres initially and then observing telomere regeneration when individuals use the RejuvaMatrix Solar Homeopathy® mat 30 to 60 minutes daily. Twenty seven of 34 individuals followed at least one year had significant increases in telomere length. This is the first known demonstration of regeneration of telomeres.