Dr. John Humiston, William Hitt Center, Tijuana, Mexico


John E. Humiston, MD

John E. Humiston, MD

Tijuana, Mexico has a reputation for its appearances in movies and newspapers. It is not exactly the kind of place one visits as a tourist. However, it is a place that many people go to seeking alternative medical treatments. In fact, it is such a Mecca for this, that a whole series of clinics are available offering complementary and alternative services. Remarkably, many of these clinics are actually created by United States M.D.s that take advantage of Mexico's medical freedom to offer their clients cutting edge non-toxic therapies that allege outstanding results.

For this reason, FAIM felt it necessary to investigate clinics in Tijuana. Because of this high concentration of complementary and alternative medicine clinics, it is a place that is appropriately fascinating!

FAIM followed the route that many patients take. We drove down to the border, parked the rental and walked unchecked across rotating metal gates. From there it was a short walk to a very unglamorous building where we had a medical appointment at Dr. William M. Hitt's Clinic with Dr. John E. Humiston. While looking from the window of the clinic, the clear view of the chaotic city with cars veering around polluted traffic jams, we were contrasted with the calmest and secure doctor representing true and wholesome American values.

Dr. Humiston grew up in Wisconsin and practiced there for eight years after receiving his medical training in the military. Already, as a medical student, he was fascinated by alternative treatments. In the military, he had the opportunity to apply his insights with great success. As a result, patients of other military doctors (including superiors) were requesting his services. This success caused him a great deal of difficulty due to the jealousy generated by his peers. Due to these very human circumstances and the legal issues around the unconventional therapies that he was practicing, Dr. Humiston felt obliged to leave his very cushioned position and move to Tijuana.

Dr. Humiston was very generous. He dedicated time to us and allowed FAIM to delve into the many aspects of his practice. We were surprised by the simplicity and straightforwardness of some of his approaches. For example, Dr. Humiston uses urine injections (to treat auto-immune issues), auto-hemotherapy using ozone infusions (which is used extensively in Germany), herbal remedies and various other supplements such as colloidal silver. Dr. Humiston claims that the ozone therapy eliminates the HIV virus and keeps the viral load under control. For his cancer patients, his program includes a variety of very valid components. FAIM realizes that each one truly deserves a full article of explanations (which we hope to eventually develop on this site). We encourage our patrons to start investigating for themselves from the vast array of information available on the Internet. The cancer protocol includes: high doses of IV Vitamin C, ozone, Laetrile, fulvic complex, zeolite, trace minerals, calcium, magnesium, potassium, mushrooms, black salve, NuFlora, chlorella, anti-candida program, cysteine, NDF, melatonin, and traditional Chinese herbal formulas.

Dr. Humiston has found that most of his patients have an imbalance in the digestive tract that manifests with widespread Candida. He uses several approaches to address this including dietary changes, probiotics, liver support and Hanna Kroeger's herbal protocol for Candida which he administers as a kit of three formulations. Dr. Humiston recommends the removal of amalgam fillings, limiting exposure to pesticides and discontinuing the use of steroids. For migraine headaches he always treats the liver, eliminates aged cheese (not a retaliation against the French), wine and coffee. He has many of his patients on a two-week clearance program.

To complete the day, FAIM taxied around Tijuana to look at some of the other clinics. While in the long lines getting back into the United States, we decided that it is FAIM's duty to program a longer visit to Mexico to properly investigate these and other clinics that are serving people looking for non-toxic alternative treatments suppressed in the United States.