Dr. Joanne Quinn

Executive Director of the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine


Joanne Quinn

Joanne Quinn, PhD, RMA

Joanne has an extensive background in science with a Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition. She has studied both allopathic and alternative approaches to health care, studying alternative therapies since 1989. These include Neurotransmitters and Brain Chemistry with Apex, Iridology with Bernard Jensen, Rayid with Dennis Johnson, Dark Field Microscopy with Gaston Naessons, Herbology with Total Health and Research, Homeopathy with Jeremy Sherr, Functional Endocrinology with Datis Kharazian, Nutrition with Bernard Jensen, Kinesiology with Total Health and Research, One Brain with One and Three Concepts, Blood Chemistry with Datis Kharazian,Touch for Health with the Touch for Health Foundation, Aromatherapy with Young Living, Meridian balancing and Chakras with Total Health and Research, Brain Gym with the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, and Biomagnetism with Dr. Goiz. In addition, she is a Registered Medical Assistant.

Joanne is also the Executive Director of the ELS Foundation which disseminates information to help in the elimination of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) based on research done in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Previously, Joanne has been involved with Peace Links, Women Against Nuclear War and Children's Response to Conflict.

Articles by Dr. Joanne Quinn

Colloidal Nanosilver: An Introduction

Silver has been used throughout the ages to address virus, bacteria and fungus. Current technology produces colloidal nanosilver solutions that help address a multitude of illnesses more effectively in many cases than prescription drugs.

An Army of 100 Trillion: Unleashing Your Body's Natural Defenses Against Alzheimer's and Dementia

We know for the most part, Alzheimer's is preventable – low carb diet, higher good fats, exercise, proper vitamin levels, managing stress and getting sleep. In addition to these, our health and our longevity, our ability to resist disease, including Alzheimer's is absolutely dependent upon the health of our gut bacteria.

Use It or Lose It: Reversing Alzheimer's with the TEAM Protocol

Dr. Fortanasce has developed the DEAR program for the treatment of mild Alzheimer's disease. D stands for changing one’s diet, E for changing one’s exercise, A for accentuating the brain’s reserve and R for rest and recovery. Learn more about Dr. Fortanasce's eight week program.

The Benefits of Rhodiola Rosia

Learn how Rhodiola addresses Alzheimer's and also helps the heart, protects against radiation, enhances the chemo therapy effect for cancer, protects bone marrow and liver, and gives more energy.

The Bredesen Protocol and Metabolic Profiling

Treating Alzheimer's requires a multifaceted approach. Dr. Dale Bredesen has determined three reasons the brain develops amyloid plaque and then tests to find out what are the "drivers." The protocol is developed for each individual patient.

A4M World Congress 2017 Celebrating 25 Years Redefining Medicine

The A4M 2017 Congress was an opportunity for all the participants to learn about a wide variety of anti-aging topics from an incredible pool of experts.

How Cannabidiol (CBD) Can Impact Your Health

Confused about the healing effects of hemp and marijuana? Learn about the differences between the cannabinoids THC and CBD and how cannabidiol (CBD) can impact so many diseases and imbalances in the body.

Cancer as a Metabolic Disease

Seyfried believes that cancer is not a genetic mutation but rather the result of metabolic dysregulation involving many aspects including mitochondrial function. Learn more about his suggested treatment protocol.

Review of the 2016 A4M World Congress on Anti-aging and Aesthetic Medicine

The A4M World Congress offers an opportunity for practitioners and laypeople alike to become educated on the latest research and protocols for the health issues that are common place today. Review some of the topics and presenters from the 2016 conference and learn how you may participate in the 2017 A4M World Congress in December.

Grain Brain

Dr. David Perlmutter, renowned neurologist, goes into great detail to educate the reader on the impact of wheat, sugar and carbs on the brain. He includes a 30-day plan to achieve proper brain health. Many people believe it is only unhealthy carbs that are devastating for the brain, but the...

Remembering Elinor Bedell

It is with great sorrow that we report the passing of Elinor Bedell. She was instrumental in the creation of the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine in 1998. She passed peacefully at home on March 2, 2017 just one week shy of her 94th birthday.

Her life was a...

Stop Alzheimer's Now!

Dementia and other neurodegenerative disorders are disease processes that can be prevented and successfully treated with programs using ketone therapy and diet. Learn how you can treat and even prevent dementia in your life before it is too late.

Introduction to Oxidative Therapy

Oxidative Therapy involves treating the body with extra oxygen. Many believe that the use of oxidative therapy is the wave of the future in the treatment of resistant bacteria which have resulted from the overuse of antibiotics in people and animals.

EMF Freedom: Solutions for the 21st Century Pollution

Drs. Elizabeth and Marcus Plourde have published the 3rd Edition of EMF Freedom to help educate the growing numbers of families whose lives have been drastically altered by electromagnetic fields (EMF) and toxic chemicals. If you were ever wondering if EMF radiations are affecting your life and wanted to know what to do about it, this is a must read book.

Put Your Heart in Your Mouth

Heart disease and other manifestations of atherosclerosis show no signs of declining. All the efforts of our medicine, our governments, our pharmaceutical industry and our food industry are not making any difference whatsoever. The “War on Heart Disease” that they declared decades ago is being lost. Read this book to find out what we are doing wrong and how you can prevent heart disease.

Kaqun: The Life Element

Water. It is essential for our survival, but it can also contain healing properties that go far beyond simple sustenance. One of these waters is called Kaqun (pronounced “Cocoon”).

A New Fighting Chance: Silver Solution

Dr. Gordon Pedersen has put together a chronicle on the cutting edge ability of structured silver solution's ability to safely destroy bacteria, viruses and yeast. Learn the application of silver for many chronic and acute illnesses.

Eat Fat, Get Thin

In his new book, Eat Fat, Get Thin, Mark Hyman, MD debunks the biggest myths about fat – starting with the myth that dietary fat makes us fat and sick. This book is going to change the way you eat and change the way you feel.

Welcome to the FAIM web site

Jo Quinn introduces the resources available on the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine web site.

Whole-Body Dentistry

Whole Body Dentistry sheds a new light on how we all should approach dental health and the consequences that result from the use of old dental practices. Some belief systems regarding health care need to be revisited and looked at in a new way. Dentistry is one of the areas that need to be reassessed. Dr. Breiner presents these new insights in a substantive way with many examples, facts and references.

The Great Cholesterol Myth

Learn how to look at cholesterol and heart disease differently. This book is vital for anyone with heart disease, high cholesterol, taking statins, or if you simply want to protect yourself from heart disease in the future.

The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook

In The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook Dr. Mark Hyman shows you how to take an assessment of your own health status and how to prepare your kitchen to follow the principles of eating healthy for life. Best of all, it has more than 175 recipes to fill your kitchen with the enticing aroma of world-class meals.

The Blood Sugar Solution

The Blood Sugar Solution has a bold central goal: to address and begin to reverse a global epidemic of diabesity. It is a personal guide and plan, as well as a program for helping people get healthy together, based on functional medicine, and it is a blueprint for us to take back our health as a society.

Autoimmune Thyroid

Statistics show that almost 80% of all hypothyroidism is actually the autoimmune disease of Hashimoto's. Often times Hashimoto's does not get diagnosed if the practitioner fails to run the proper antibody test. If the correct diagnosis is determined, then the treatment is actually for immune dysfunction more than thyroid dysfunction.

The Use of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Orthopedics

Dr. Christopher Centeno has written a chapter on "The Use of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Orthopedics" in Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Volume 1.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in the Crib

Research done over the last 22 years in Great Britain and New Zealand indicates that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is an environmental poisoning in the crib.

Spiraling Through the School of Life

Diane Ladd's book, Spiraling Through the School of Life, is an inspiration about life and folk wisdom. She has a keen sense about healthy living mentally, physically and spiritually from which everyone can benefit.

Earthing: The most important health discovery ever?

It is now well established that the energy on the surface of the Earth is mainly electrical. The central theme of this book is that we draw this electrical energy into our body in the form of free electrons through our bare feet. These electrons resonate at a variety of frequencies and the frequencies reset our biology, providing the body with electrical energy and behaving as anti-oxidants.

There is a Cure for Diabetes

There is a Cure for Diabetes has been an interesting collective effort of over thirty-five years of input from clients and pioneers of the live-food movement to heal diabetes naturally.

Introduction to the Byron White Formulas and Their Use in Lyme Disease

Dr. Anderson uses formulas known as the Byron White Formulas to address not only Lyme disease, but the co-infections which typically are present in most Lyme cases.

EECP for Angina and Heart Failure

Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) is a non-invasive procedure for patients with angina or known coronary artery disease.

Alternative and Complementary Medicine Slide Presentation

FAIM created a slide presentation to introduce readers to complementary and alternative medicine with a brief discussion about various therapies.

Adrenal Health Solutions: Fatigue and Insomnia

Dr. Koren Barrett describes the role of the adrenals, hormones, and adrenal fatigue/exhaustion and offers alternative and complementary treatments to return the adrenal to a healthy balance.

Devil in the Milk

FAIM is always on the lookout for interesting concepts in health. It has come to our attention that there is a possible issue with milk. Since the public consumes so much dairy we felt it was important to share Keith Woodford's research.

Fourfold Path to Healing, Raleigh, North Carolina

At a time in history when strongly held nutritional beliefs are beginning to be questioned, information shared at the Fourfold Path to Healing Conference shed new light on healthy living, eating and movement.