Dr. Janet Zand


Janet Zand, OMD, LAc

Dr. Janet Zand, OMD, LAc is a Board Certified Acupuncturist, a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a nationally respected author, lecturer, natural health practitioner and herbal and nutraceutical products formulator who has helped thousands of people achieve better health.

Dr. Zand edits the monthly newsletter Women’s Health Letter, one of the nation’s most respected female health advisories. She also edits Women’s Health Alert, a free once-a-week E-newsletter that helps women take charge of their health. She formulates solution-oriented, functional supplements steeped in science and nature for Advanced Bionutritionals, a cutting edge nutraceuticals firm.

In! Magazine describes Dr. Zand as "Hollywood’s Best Kept Health Secret" because of her “A" list clientele of movie stars, rock stars and professional athletes. With over 25 years of experience in natural medicine, she was the co-founder of McZand Herbal and the formulator of ZAND Herbal Formulas, which are sold in natural health stores throughout the country.

Dr. Zand is also the co-author of three books on natural health and healing, including Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child, Smart Medicine for Healthier Living and The Nitric Oxide Solution. She has been featured in Elle, Allure, the Los Angeles Times, Lifetime TV, and the BBC.

Articles by Dr. Janet Zand

Can Foods Really Prevent and Treat Cancer?

For years, you’ve probably heard about one food after another that can prevent or treat cancer. But do foods really have the ability to fight cancer? After all, we’ve all heard stories of people with cancer who radically changed their diet, but still died from the disease. It’s good to...

How to End Constipation Without Laxatives

One issue that tends to plague women as they age isn’t fun to talk about. But resolving the issue can have significant benefits for your quality of life – and is often easier to do than you might think.

This issue is chronic constipation. It’s often a problem for women...

The Connection Between Glaucoma, Alzheimer's, and Diabetes

New research suggests it isn’t just Alzheimer’s that’s linked to diabetes and glaucoma. Less severe forms of dementia also could be a complication of diabetes. The eyes are so directly connected to the brain that many in the medical community believe they are an extension of the brain. The impact of diabetes on your eyes is now gaining even more attention. One group of researchers in India hypothesized that the eye disease glaucoma is actually diabetes of the brain.

How Heartburn Can Turn Into a Heart Attack

If you’re one of the more than 20 million Americans taking a proton-pump inhibitor (PPI) such as Prilosec to treat heartburn, you’re probably experiencing some short-term relief.  A new study conducted at the Stanford University School of Medicine has found that taking these drugs can put your heart at risk in the future.