Dr. Gaston Naessens


Gaston Naessens, ND

Gaston Naessens, ND

Gaston Naessens, ND is the president, founder, and CEO of Cerbe Distribution, Inc., a private laboratory in Québec, Canada specializing in fundamental research in biology, including hematology.

Cerbe is also the manufacturer of Triméthylaminohydroxybicycloheptane chloride (714X) for which four patents have been granted [2003 (USA), 2005 (Europe), 2010 (Canada) and 2014 (Japan)].

He is a biologist researcher engineer and developed a revolutionary microscope, called the somatoscope, capable of observing unstained living matter. The somatoscope enabled him to discover a new particle in human blood, he calls the somatid. From this, he developed the Somatidian theory and developed new responses to diseases affecting the immune system.

Articles by Dr. Gaston Naessens

Gaston Naessens and 714X

Through the optical performance of his unique light microscope (the somatoscope), Gaston Naessens discovered the smallest unit of life: the somatid. Naessens’ knowledge and understanding of the somatidian cycle as a witness of the evolution of the disease, allowed him to create a restorative product for the immune system. 714X is a nontoxic health product capable of restoring the normality of the somatidian cycle, consequently restoring the inner balance.