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David Williams

David Williams, MD

A medical researcher, biochemist and chiropractor, Dr. David Williams has developed a reputation as one of the world's leading authorities on natural healing.

For more than 25 years, he has traveled the world uncovering natural treatments and cures for practically every major health concern today. As a result, Dr. Williams has personally identified 27 major medical breakthroughs that he's used to formulate health remedies, therapies and supplements that address the root cause of illness

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Articles by Dr. David Williams

Surprising Link Between Dementia and UTIs

The connection between urinary tract infections (UTIs) and dementia isn’t common knowledge among the majority of doctors and health care workers.If you are caring for elderly loved ones or friends, be on the lookout for changes in their behavior that could be indicative of an UTI. An imbalance of the gut bacteria can lead to recurring UTIs. Learn what to look for and how to address it. UTIs are not simply an annoyance. They can be life threatening.

The Little-Known Fermented Cancer Fighter You Need to Know About

Dr. Szent-Györgyi realized the cancer-fighting effects of wheat when it is fermented. In studies, fermented wheat germ inhibited the growth of breast tumor types that are not dependent on estrogen by 50%. Now there is a Super Concentrate.

How Avemar Helps Fight Cancer

Avemar is a naturally fermented wheat germ extract that, so far, has exhibited positive effects against all forms of cancer cell lines tested.

Honokiol: The Swiss Army Plant

Dr. David Williams discusses honokiol as a compound that can enhance almost every other form of cancer treatment, natural or otherwise.

Keeping a Close Eye on Your Vision

Over the last decade, vision loss and blindness have rapidly become two of the most common problems among those over age 40. Dr. David Williams discusses eye diseases and ways to keep your eyes healthy.

Hormonal Heart Help

Dr. David Williams introduces Strodival (ouabain) as a way to stop angina and help prevent the situation from progressing to a full-blown, possibly fatal, heart attack.

The Prostate Cancer Machine

Dr. David Williams explains Benign Prostate Hypertrophy, Prostate Cancer and PSA. Learn how to protect yourself when dealing with all issues related to the prostate.