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Our world is filled with pesticides, toxins, herbicides, heavy metals, chemicals, and air pollutants which we breathe and ingest on a daily basis. Removing waste from the body is the first step in healing. Know what your options are to keep you body as toxin free as possible.

Dr Mark Hyman's Detox Smoothie

What do you have for breakfast if you get rid of pancakes, toast and, cereal? Learn about a great shake packed with protein and nutrients. An easy and great way to start your morning.

Why You Should Take Your Apple Cider Vinegar at Night

While some of the amazing abilities of apple cider vinegar (ACV) are anecdotal others are corroborated by clinical studies. But how would taking “ACV” before bed help you? It has the potential to drastically improve the health and wellness of half the population.

Help for Flint Water Crisis: Chelation Therapy

The Flint Water crisis brought lead levels to the forefront but the problem goes beyond Flint. Unsafe levels of lead have been found in nearly 2,000 communities across the country and many of the most dangerous levels have been found in schools and day care centers. Toxicity can also occur long after exposure has ended. Read about what can be done.

Homeopathy: A misunderstood science

What is homeopathy? What is a homeopath? How does homeopathy work? Does homeopathy work? What are homeopathic remedies? How are homeopathic remedies made? What is the difference between classical homeopathy and complex or combination homeopathy? What is a homeopathic proving? What is a repertory? What is a Materia Medica? Learn all you wanted to know about homeopathy.

Kaqun: The Life Element

Water. It is essential for our survival, but it can also contain healing properties that go far beyond simple sustenance. One of these waters is called Kaqun (pronounced “Cocoon”).

Detox Summit Audio Interviews

Dr. Minich is sharing three audio presentations on Movement and Health with Donovan Green, Emotions with Hugo Cory, and Toxic Food with Benjamin Brown. See how these audios can make you rethink moving your body, thinking positively, and eating right.

The 10 Day Detox Diet

The secret of The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet is this: we simply swap out processed foods, sugar, flour, and inflammatory foods and add delicious, whole, fresh, real, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying food, and the body does the rest.

Ionic Footbaths - The Healing Power of Ions

The ionic footbath is a total body detoxification technology based upon the beneficial and purifying effect of ions on the body.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting allows your body 16 hours to optimize your metabolic machinery and your insulin and leptin signaling, thus, empowering your body's immune system. Dr. Joseph Mercola believes it has a profound impact on most cancers and heart disease and can be a useful approach to whatever strategy one is currently using to treat or prevent these diseases.

Seasonal Spring Cleanse Protocol

Spring and Fall seasons provide the best opportunities for deeply detoxifying and cleansing the body of harmful impurities that have collected in our organs and tissues over the past months and years. Dr. Isaac Eliaz offers this protocol.

Paracelsus Clinic, Lustmuhle, Switzerland

The clinic proposes a medical paradigm based on non-toxic biological medicine that, not only identifies, but also eliminates the root causes of acute and chronic diseases including cancer.