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Natural Cancer Treatments for Advanced Cancer Patients


R. Webster Kehr

R. Webster Kehr

R. Webster Kehr has developed a web site: Cancer Tutor. In this site he gives new hope to advanced cancer patients. These patients have usually had significant orthodox cancer treatments including chemotherapy, radiation and surgery and have had to quite prematurely or found the treatments ineffective. Others who have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, brain stem cancer or glioblastoma for example would also be considered advance cancer patients.

Natural cancer treatments are by definition cancer treatments which come from Mother Nature. They are more commonly called "alternative cancer treatments." Most people know absolutely nothing about Mother Nature and cancer. This is truly unfortunate.

As an example of the effectiveness of alternative cancer treatments consider that the late Dr. William D. Kelley, a dentist by training, used alternative cancer treatments to treat more than 33,000 cancer patients. He used special diets, proteolytic enzymes, and other natural substances. He was able to cure more than 90% of the newly diagnosed cancer patients who went to him first.

Since 2003 the Cancer Tutor website has been considered to be among the most important websites on the Internet on the subject of alternative cancer treatments. This website contains three free eBooks and scores of articles related to treating cancer with alternative cancer treatments. A network of cancer researchers have contributed to the articles and treatments discussed on this website!

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