Bio Center Reckeweg

Dr. Augusto Pazán, Ecuador

Clinic and Site Visit

  • Location: Bio Center Reckeweg, Ambato, Ecuador
  • Name: Dr. Augusto Pazán
  • Date: March 18, 2008
  • Site visitor: Ferdinando Pisani


Augusto Pazán

Augusto Pazán, MD

The Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine (FAIM) representative, Ferdinando Pisani, traveled to Ecuador to visit Bio Center Reckeweg, a small family managed, multiple physician clinic of natural and non-toxic therapies directed by Dr. Augusto Pazán. The clinic is situated in the city of Ambato (population 400,000) on the Andean high plateau south of Quito. Travel was by bus, an exciting four hours across breathtaking scenery of mountains and volcanoes to arrive at the clinic.

Dr. Augusto Pazán

Dr. Pazán is a conventionally licensed surgeon with an expertise in diabetes. He has been trained and certified in natural medicine, homeopathy, neural therapy and synergistic medicine. His brother complements these skills with an inhouse neurofocal dentistry practice that deals with the odontological related causes of illness.

Dr. Pazán has investigated many different alternative therapies around the world. He is in a position to impart great knowledge to both patients and health professionals. The Bio Center Reckeweg has guest physicians, both national and foreign, who do short residencies to train and practice different non-toxic therapies. The clinic staff also includes laboratory technicians, nurses and a maxillofacial surgeon.

The facility has an on site laboratory that allows basic blood work, functional tests and urinalysis. The clinic also uses sophisticated bio-resonance diagnostic equipment (Oberon and the Electro Interstitial Scanner). All other blood work can be done at close by private facilities.

At the base of Dr. Pazán's therapeutic medical treatments are the anti-homotoxic products developed by the Heel Corporation of Germany, which he uses in conjunction with naturopathic treatments using phytonutrients — herbs and botanicals. Although these treatments are multifaceted, they are not complicated. They are oral, noninvasive, non-toxic and self-administered.

The Heel Corporation holds Dr. Pazán to such high esteem that he is one of the main lecturers in its Spanish training courses.

Dr. Pazán explained to us that anti-homotoxic medicine is based on homeopathic methods that are centuries old but have recently acquired a framework for plausible mechanism of action. He explained that the latest developments in quantum physics are giving clues and demonstrating how these actions might take place. The International Journal for Biomedical Research and Therapy, gives a comprehensive description of the treatment. It is published by The Spanish Homeopathy and Homotoxicology Medical Association; 161-28770 Colmenar Viejo; Madrid, Spain.

According to Dr. Pazán the following physicians are successfully using the therapy in a medical settings: Dr. J. M. Molino Peinado, Ecuador; Dr. I. Bianchi, Italy; Dr. W. Frase, Germany; Dr. F. A Graf con Ingelheim, Germany; Dr. K. Kustermann, Germany; Dr. M. Name, Colombia; Dr. A. O´Byrne, Colombia; Dr. Javier Rodriguez, Ecuador; and Dr. H. Silván, Ecuador.

Dr. Pazán uses many different therapies depending on the individual case; they include colon cleansing, ortho-molecular therapy, acupuncture (needle), acupuncture based technology (laser or other instrumentation), energy healing therapy, high dose vitamins, manual therapies (i.e., massage), meditation and other relaxation techniques. Recommended to all patients are restorative, regenerative and detoxifying diets.

FAIM is currently investigating Dr. Pazán's claims that he has successfully treated diabetes with biomedicine. He believes he has developed a protocol that reverses and cures the disease and that treated patients have a better quality life as well as better biologic and psychic health.

Dr. Pazán is a physician who has a vision worthy of the best alternative medicine clinics. The town's hospitality, the hot thermal baths in nearby Baños, the great diversity of locally grown nutrient-rich foods, and the availability of medicinal plants, make Ambato a tempting place to visit to find personal well being.

Contact information

Dr. Augusto Pazán
Bio Center Reckeweg
Cumanda Baja 02-133 y Serraneigas
Ambato, Tungurahua; Ecuador

Phone: 593-3-242-5457
Fax: 593-3-242-2656