Berkley Bedell

Founder and Chairman of the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine

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Berkley Bedell

Berkley Bedell

Berkley Bedell, Founder and Chairman of FAIM, took $50 earned on his newspaper route and began a business making fishing tackle. The small company he started is now an international enterprise.

Mr. Bedell was elected to the United States Congress as a Democrat representing Iowa's Sixth District in 1975. Mr. Bedell retired from Congress in 1988, having contracted Lyme disease. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Bedell was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

He became active in investigating complementary and alternative medical treatments as a result of being introduced to innovative remedies. Mr. Bedell no longer suffers from either cancer or Lyme disease, and he attributes his cures to the alternative therapies he used.

He writes about the use of autologous adult stem cells.

Articles by Berkley Bedell

The Founding of FAIM

Berkley Bedell describes the creation of the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine and its ongoing work.

Why Can't We Use Our Own Stem Cells to Heal Our Bodies?

Today the discovery of the body's own repair and regeneration system – autologous adult stem cells – represents an incredible discovery. However, the FDA is keeping this life saving treatment, which is being used in many other countries around the world, from the American public. Read about how this has happened, what can be done, and the incredible savings it would bring to the healthcare system.