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Benedikt Just
Benedikt Just

Benedikt Just is the producer and director of Dawn of Hearts, an upcoming documentary on Dogmas, Heart Attacks and Ouabain. He is the founder of Films.

Mr. Just worked in the German movie industry for 14 years and was the sound editor and designer for many feature and award-winning films.

His personal interests span every aspect of life, from physics to medicine, to art, health, and spirituality. He successfully passed his naturopath (Heilpraktiker) exam in Germany.

He is now working on producing Dawn of Hearts to to share the story of ouabain, the neglected heart remedy.

Articles by Benedikt Just

Ouabain, Nature's Perfect but Forgotten Remedy for Heart Disease

Could it be, that the best treatment for heart disease was already discovered over 150 years ago, but nowadays even alternative medicine has forgotten about it?