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Acres U.S.A. is the only national magazine that offers a comprehensive guide to sustainable agriculture.

Drawing on knowledge accumulated in more than 40 years of continuous publication, we bring our readers the latest techniques for growing bountiful, nutritious crops and healthy, vibrant livestock. A glance at any issue is enough to see why sustainable farming – we call it "eco-agriculture" because it's both ecological and economical – represents the real revolution in scientific food cultivation.

Based on the work of scientists and farmers whose sophisticated approach to agriculture reveals chemical farming as obsolete and misguided, Acres U.S.A. shows its readers how to embrace the science of nature. Rather than batter nature into submission with bizarre chemistry that short-circuits natural processes, sustainable farmers feed the soil and bring it into balance. They gently coax nature into yielding her bounty, and they are rewarded with superior crops and lower input costs.

Acres U.S.A. has helped thousands of farmers feed the nation's growing appetite for clean, delicious food and make a profit while they're at it. Farmers who practice eco-agriculture don't need enormous bank loans to float the cost of expensive chemical inputs and excessively complex equipment.

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